Glera Frizzante & Prosecco

Our draft Frizzante Bianca is a subtly aromatic, lightly sparkling, crisp wine that is easy on the palate and is exceedingly quaffable! It is made from the same Glera grape as Prosecco, but as it is served from a keg and not from a bottle, it can't be called Prosecco. We love it straight up, or pimped up to make a cheeky cocktail. 

The Frizzante Rosé is the twin sister of the Bianca and is as much a pleasure to drink. It's attractive colour is complimented by a hint of floral notes and we enjoy it either as an aperitif or for the main event itself!

Our bottled Prosecco comes with a DOC certification which means that the provenance is assured and the quality is of the highest standard. The hints of flowers predominate and combine with a balanced aftertaste at the palate. A little gem!